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    Nigiris Last Forest Natural Raw Unprocessed Wild Honey with Natural Extracts Pepper Honey

    Manufacturer: Last Forest
    250 g
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    Multi floral - the Giant Rock Bees pollinate from the diverse flowers available in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, giving the honey unique colors and benefits. Unprocessed - This honey is unprocessed - all the nutrients present in the honey remain in tact right from the process of collection to bottling. Sustainably Harvested - Methods used in the harvesting of this bottle of honey are sustainable, ensuring the bees return to the hives after the honey is collected. ?Natural Spice Extracts - The best organic spice extracts are infused in this bottle, bringing you the freshest, most aromatic smell and taste to your palate! Uniform Infusion Process - ?The organic spice extracts are uniformly infused in the honey, giving you the best of both worlds of forest honey and pepper extract.