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Wild Ideas Dish Wash Powder

Sorry - this product is no longer available

500 g
Manufacturer: Wild Ideas
Availability: Out of stock
Wild Ideas Brings To You Its Dishwash Powder, That Has Been Made Using Natural Eco-Friendly And Non-Toxic Ingredients. There Are No Chemicals In This Powder, Which Is Why It Is Safe Not Only For Your Utensils, But Also The Environment. With No Artificial Foaming Agents, You Will Need Lesser Water To Rinse The Utensils Off And What Will Be Left Behind Will Be Clean Utensils And A Mild Citrusy Smell!@@Conventional Dishwasher Powders Often Have Chemicals Like Phosphates, Sulfates, Chlorine And Ammonia. Studies Indicate That These Chemicals Could Cause Eye, Lung And Skin Irritation, Heart Disturbances And Breathing Difficulties. In Addition, They Could Also Be Harmful To Wildlife And Aquatic Animals.
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