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15 amazing benefits of pure desi ghee


When you come to shop at Waangoo, the premier online grocery shop in Singapore, the one product that you will find multiple options for will be ghee. Also known as clarified butter, desi ghee or pure ghee, is not only an absolutely delicious ingredient that is a must have for several traditional Indian recipes, it is also a magical potion that has immense health benefits.

Here are the top 15 desi ghee benefits for your body!

1. Research has shown that ghee is actually low in fat, which makes it one of the healthiest fats that you can find. In order to function, your body needs a certain amount of fat, and when you choose a healthy fat like ghee, you are giving your body the ingredient required to make good cholesterol, making it the better choice for a healthy heart too.

2. Because ghee contains medium as well as short chain fatty acids, it is a good source of energy – in several parts of India, lactating mothers are given sweets made with ghee or are asked to include a spoonful of ghee with their meals, because it can offer longer lasting energy from within.

3. There has been a lot of conversation about gut health in recent times and chances are that when you buy online grocery in Singapore, you will find drinks and other items that are supposed to help with your gut health. However, when you include ghee in your diet, you are using a natural ingredient for the same. Regular consumption can also improve your bowel movement – a spoonful of ghee in a cup of hot milk at night has been considered an effective remedy.

4. Another one of the benefits of eating ghee daily is that it can improve the immune system of the body – ghee is said to be rich in butyric acid, which, as per research can help the body produce disease fighting T-cells. It is also believed that the same acid has anti-carcinogenic properties.

5. One of the reasons why ghee is such a beloved ingredient in all Indian kitchens is also because of the fact that is a dependable source of oil-soluble vitamins A and E. Studies have shown that these vitamins are crucial for not only a healthy liver, but also to keep the hormones in balance. Ghee is also rich in Vitamin K, which is required for calcium absorption, which in turn is required for stronger bones.

6. Given that regular consumption of ghee can help with balancing the hormones in the body, it is believed that benefits of eating ghee include a control over thyroid as well. Mothers and grandmothers in India, believe that a spoonful of ghee in a day can help balance thyroid.

7. In addition to helping out with balancing of thyroid, ghee is also said to be incredibly beneficial for women – yes, it can give extra energy to new moms, but it can also help regulate menstruation related problems such as irregular periods and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Women who struggle with nausea and cramping during their menstruation could consider consuming a small spoonful of pure ghee.

8. If you are someone who likes to consume traditional Indian rotis, made with wholewheat, then applying a small amount of ghee on top of them, could help reduce the glycaemic index of the rotis. Although it is believed that wheat already has a lower glycaemic index, and adding ghee reduces it even more, making it a suitable dietary addition for those who are higher sugar levels.

9. In case you are suffering from any type of lactose intolerance, then ghee might be beneficial for you – even though ghee is made from milk, the amount of lactose and casein, which is a milk protein, is much lesser in the same, making it a lot more tolerable for those with lactose intolerance.

10. Did you know that benefits of ghee for skin are just as incredible? Pure ghee is rich in not only fatty acids, but also antioxidants and is also a natural emollient, which means that when you consume ghee, you are increasing the natural moisture level in the body, making it look healthy and supple! Moreover, if you have chapped lips or dry skin, simply apply some ghee and watch your skin repair in a matter of days! As a matter of fact, even if you get a slight burn, applying ghee on the burn area can help treat it, because it is one of the safest and most natural dermatological ingredients.

11. It is believed that ghee can increase the metabolic rate of the body, making this a suitable option for those looking to lose a little extra weight. When you consume ghee, it can enable the burning up of other fats in the body, which is what could lead to the loss of those extra kilos!

12. Did you know that ghee holds a position of importance in the annals of Ayurveda? If you are struggling with a cold and stuffy nose, create a nasal drop using ghee. Simply warm a few drops of ghee and drop it into your nostrils, right in the morning and as the ghee travels down the nasal passage, you will feel your nose clearing up!

13. One of the reasons why ghee is such a popular ingredient in cooking is because it has a really high smoking point – even at a really high temperature, ghee will not break into free radicals, which are said to be the main reasons for causing cancer. This is one of the reasons why, for food items, that need long time cooking or high temperatures, ghee is considered suitable.

14. From time immemorial, grandmothers have been adding an extra spoonful of ghee into the meals of their children and grandchildren, because it is said to not only enhance the taste and flavour, but also increase appetite!

15. It is also said that ghee can attract all toxic elements from the body and help remove them, which is why as per Ayurveda, it is considered to be one of the most sattvic foods in the world. Consumption of ghee can cleanse your body and improve your overall well being.

Now that you know the many desi ghee benefits, isn’t it time to head to Waangoo add ghee to your cart, as you buy online grocery in Singapore from the most trusted destination!

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