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1.   How to download Waangoo App?

You can download the New Waangoo app either on Google Play Store or Apple App

Alternatively you can download the mobile application from this link: Waangoo

2.   How to Sign-in / Sign-up to Waangoo Account?

Customers can sign-up to their account with their mail ID and password set by them.

Return/ Regular customers of waangoo old website/app are requested to opt customer support team for an account activation link. Customer support team will send you the account activation link to your mail id.
You can update the password and start using the your waangoo account.

3. How to reset the account password?

In Sign-in Page -> Click "Forgot your password", you will receive the password reset mail.
Click on the link and update your new password.

4.   How to update my account default address?

Login to your account -> Under your profile you will be able to see an option "My Address".

Under "My Address" tab you will be able to update your address.

5. Few products are missing in my cart?

The products would have gone out of stock or the product might have changed over a period of time due to variant change or any modifications on the products.
In this case try adding the
products again.

6. How to check the available delivery slot?

Available delivery slot is visible at the checkout page.

During checkout, Please make sure you select the delivery date and time slot, else the system will auto pick the next available delivery slot.

7. How to return and get refund for a product?

Please reach out to customer support team preferably by whatsapp to make a return request.
Refund will be processed to the source payment method.

Source payment method means the Credit/Debit card which you have used to make the payment for the order.

Note: Returns are subject to return Policy. Please refer to the Returns & Refund Policy.

8. How to choose delivery slot?

During checkout available delivery date and deliver slot will be showcased under shipping method.

Customers can see the available dates on which their order can be delivered. This allows to choose a preferred date & time that aligns with your schedule.

9. Why delivery slot is not visible to me as like before?

Earlier version of the website and mobile applications has showcased the estimated delivery slots availability.

To make it more precise, new website and mobile application is showcasing the availability only at checkout.

10. Is express delivery option available in waangoo?

No. Currently Waangoo doesn't offer express 2 hours delivery. We are looking to bring 2 hours delivery option in near future.

11. How do i know which delivery slot i have selected?

Currently the selected delivery date & slot is showcased to the customer in invoice only.

We are enhancing this option, by 18th of November-2023 you will be able to see the selected delivery date option in order confirmation mail.

12. How to save Credit/Debit Card during Checkout?

In Checkout Page, Please log-in via Shop Pay.
You can save your card details and default address in the shop pay account.
Every time when you try to checkout, One Time Password (OTP) is required to access your saved card details & address as this information is very sensitive with respect to customer privacy.
This helps customer to easily checkout without any hassle.
Please note: You have to select the Delivery slot in the checkout page. Else it will auto select the next available delivery slot in the checkout.

13. GST rate change for consumers

In Budget 2022, the Minister for Finance announced that the GST rate will be increased from:
(i) 7% to 8% with effect from 1 Jan 2023 (first rate change); and
(ii) 8% to 9% with effect from 1 Jan 2024 (second rate change)

For More Details: Refer IRAS Website: Click here

14. How to reach customer support?

You can reach our team via

Whatsapp : +6590916040

Calls: + 65 - 69916719


Office Hours :

Monday to Friday - 09:30 AM - 7:30 PM

Saturday - 09:30 AM - 4:30 PM

We are not working on Sunday's & Public holiday's.

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